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About Forensii

Forensii was established in July 2020 to fill the gap in the Australian market for training in legal and forensic psychology.

Our specialisation is on training in interviewing skills. Our instructors have extensive experience in teaching and research in this area.

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Our courses have been developed after years of experience teaching in universities (e.g., postgraduate courses in psychology) and training courses.



Many current interviewing practices are based on the research work of our team, including the labeling and creation of the very first model of “investigative interviewing”.


Meet your instructor

Dr Stephen Moston

I’m Stephen Moston, the creator of Forensii.

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking to learn interviewing skills. I’ll help you learn how the latest scientific insights from psychological research can be used in interviews.


There’s a vast world of information out there - probably too much information. The sheer volume is overwhelming, the findings so often contradictory, or possibly too far removed from day-to-day practice.

I will be your guide through the latest and greatest research studies, showing which studies matter, and which ones don’t. I’ll show you how to apply psychological science to interviews, and I’ll also show you how to spot (and avoid) psychological pseudoscience.

That’s just for starters. Come on in.

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