Forensii provides training courses in legal and forensic psychology. All courses are offered online and range from one-day workshops through to comprehensive one-year programs of study. All courses are designed and taught by internationally recognised experts.

Forensii courses are designed to support you in your career-long professional development as you work within the criminal justice system. Each course will help you to acquire knowledge and skills that will aid your learning and subsequent professional practice.

Forensii courses show how scientific studies of psychological processes in the criminal justice system have evolved, and the current state of empirical knowledge in each area of study (the current evidence base). 

The field of psychology and law is constantly evolving. Forensii courses will equip you with the core skills necessary to critically evaluate that knowledge base.

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Forensii will help you to:

  • Discover the core skills and knowledge that will help you to become a forensic psychologist

  • Learn to understand the forensic investigative mindset

  • Apply strategies to improve the detection of offenders and to prevent wrongful convictions

  • Increase your knowledge with the latest research in forensic psychology

  • Connect with other students and leading experts

The hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper

Want to understand the psychology of police investigations?

Miscarriages of justice

Want to understand the causes of miscarriages of justice?

What others are saying

Previous students have said:

Real life examples

The materials were delivered beautifully and with copious amounts of passion by Stephen Moston, who was always ready to give relevant examples.


The practical component of the course was very engaging and I found it a very valuable introduction.

— Adrian